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Rules and Regulation

Students are granted admission to this institution with the specific understanding that they will abide by the various rules and regulations of the college regarding discipline, uniform and attendance in classes as laid down in the prospectus. In this regard they must strictly adhere to the following code of conduct chalked out for them.

  • the use of unfair means or malpractice in examinations.
  • allowing or letting entry of unauthorized persons, such as relatives, friends or other visitors within the premises of college.
  • any use of drugs that is narcotics, cigarettes or alcohol.
  • carrying a mobile phone/ i-pad/i-pod/ camera in the college.
  • damaging and disfiguring college property, including building, equipment and vehicles etc.
  • Indulging in unacademic/ undesirable/ objectionable activities which bring disgrace to the college.
  • aimless wandering and other such unbecoming activities around shopping centres in the vicinity of the college during college hours.
  • indulging in agitational activities.
  • missing out classes while being present in college for no legitimate reason.
  • She shall uphold and practice propriety, modesty and decorum in her behavior and conduct.
  • Parents and guardians of the students are expected to extend their full cooperation to ensure maintenance of discipline.
  • Those who fail to adhere to the above mentioned code of conduct shall be liable to pay the fines and penalties in this regard.
  • The student must submit an undertaking on Stamp Paper that she will observe this code of conduct, duly signed by herself, parent/ guardian, witnesses and the Oath Commissioner.
  • The Academic Council of the college has the power to recommend a student's name to be struck off, if she fails to comply with the code of conduct.
  • Parents/ guardians are responsible to pick their daughters/ wards from college within 30 minutes of the closing time. After this time the college authorities will not be responsible for any mishap/ security of the student.
  • The college authorities will not be responsible for any mishap that a student might come to face while commuting to and from the college.