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Dear Girls,

Welcome to IMCG (PG) F 7/2, Islamabad. Today is the beginning of a new era in your life- the start of College life. College education is a dream that materializes for few girls in our country. You are especially blessed, not just because you are going to receive college education but also because your college is one of the oldest and the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the Federal capital of Pakistan.
College life is the beginning of an exciting time in a student’s life as it is synonymous with greater personal freedom, recognition of being a mature person, having good times. You feel you are ready to take on the world, to accept new challenges. College education is also the stepping stone to professional education. Your future course of life, the quality of life you lead would depend, to a great extent, on how you spend the next few years of your life here.
Our country is blessed with rich natural resources but its richest resource is its bright and enterprising youth. You are very special as you are girls. As such you are the homemakers- the weavers of the fabric of society. Your outlook and values would determine Pakistan’s tomorrow, the outlook and values of the coming generations.
Allah Kareem has blessed you with abilities and talents you might not be fully aware of. IMCG (PG), F 7/2 gives you the opportunity to attain quality education from Intermediate to BS level in varied disciplines. The highly educated and enlightened teaching faculty of the college would help you tap your hidden potential, explore your latent talent and abilities, polish the multi-faceted diamond of your personality.
Dear Girls,
Use your time well. Equip yourself with knowledge and skills. Be confident, be courageous. Attain the highest degrees but never compromise on your honour and modesty. Become balanced, mature, good human beings with a strong civic sense. Be aware not just of your rights but also your duties. Have the will, the courage, the ability and the vision to make this world a better place- with peace within and peace without. Work hard, maximize your potential and together we shall strive to make Pakistan a glorious country Insha Allah.

Prof Dr Fauzia Tanveer Sheikh