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Meeting of College Management Committee 2023-24
Upload Date: 18 - December - 2023

College Management Committee is a useful platform through which the College Administration endeavors to work for the betterment of the institution with the co-operation of the parents and guardians. In this regard, a meeting was held in the first week of December 2023. The Principal of IMCG (PG) F-7/2 Islamabad, Dr. Fauzia Tanveer Sheikh, chaired the meeting. Both the Vice Principals, existing members of the committee as well as those parents who accepted the nominations for the upcoming elections were in attendance. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the schedule of the new elections for the session 2023-25, performance of the CMC and dispatch of invitations to all the parents for the elections. The Principal of the college stressed upon the need to focus on the projects of student welfare especially the arrangement of adequate transport for them. The parents assured the Principal of their complete co-operation.The elections for CMC will be held soon. Dr. Fauzia Tanveer Sheikh provided the closing remarks for the meeting.