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Inter Class Urdu Drama Competition 2023-24
Upload Date: 18 - December - 2023

The Inter Class Urdu Drama Competition titled "Natak Katha" was held in IMCG (PG) F-7/2 Islamabad with great gusto and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest for the occasion was the Vice Principal of the college, Ms. Sarwat Nazir. The honourable judges for the competition were Ms. Zille Huma ( Dept. of Zoology), Ms. Ayesha Kiran (Dept. of Physics) and Ms. Qurat ul Ain (Dept. of Computer Sciences). The competition was a beautiful amalgam of tragedy, satire, wit, humour and melodrama. A humorous play on the rising inflation and dearness in Pakistan tickled the funny bones of the audience. Another play titled " دخترِ فلسطین" depicted the atrocities perpetuated by the Israel on the innocent Palestinians. The lyrical monologue in the end moved everyone to tears. The classic "ہیر رانجھا" introduced the folk culture and tradition to the audience. The play "چار دن کی چاندنی پھر اندھیری رات" ,which was about the fake spiritual healers looting the gullible, captured the attention of the spectators. The main leads of the play, Amna and Ansa of 2nd yr Q, kept the audience entertained through their excellent role playing. A total of Nine plays were enacted by the talented students on the stage. The Chief Guest, Ms. Sarwat Nazir, appreciated the efforts of the organizers and the participants. She also gave many valuable tips to the young artists regarding stage setting and dialogue delivery. The names of the winning plays of the competition are as under Consolation prize خوبصورت بلا 3rd position چار دن کی چاندنی پھر اندھیری رات 2nd position میرا خون فلسطینی ہے 1st position دخترِ فلسطین Best actress Amina Soomro (دخترِ فلسطین ) The Inter Class Urdu Drama Competition 2023 proved to be a brilliant showcase of the talent of the students of the college.