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Message of Condolence
Upload Date: 13 - June - 2023

Principal, teaching / non teaching staff and students of IMCG (PG) , F-7/2 , Islamabad are in great sorrow over the sudden demise of Miss Afroze Begum, one of the pioneers of this college, a maverick and mentor of so many who followed in her footsteps and kept the flag of this institution flying. Names of Ms. Afroze Begum and F-7/2 have always been taken together and will remain inseparable as she gave 19 shining years of glorious service to this college. She will always be remembered as a role model for teachers and principals to come. She was undoubtedly a symbol of courage, commitment and innovation. She was one of the founders of this exceptional college. We request her friends and family to accept our deepest, heartfelt sympathies and condolences on this profound loss with a wish to bear it with fortitude. May her soul rest in peace. Ameen.