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Urdu and English Speeches in connection with Rahmatul lil Alameen week 2021
Upload Date: 13 - October - 2021

Urdu and English Speech screening contests were held in the college on 13th October, 2021 in connection with Rahmatul lil Alameen Week 2021. Participants from various ICT girls colleges highlighted the Prophet's status as the supreme model of goodness, righteousness, mercy and kindness for humanity. Winners of Urdu Speech Contest First Position -Tehreem Gardezi IMCG (PG) F-7/2 Second Position- Maryam Khalid, IMCG I-8/4 Winners of English Speech Contest 1st Position- Faiza Younas , IMCG (PG) F-7/2 2nd Position- Anzala Eman IMCG F-8/1 A Quiz on the topic 'The Life of the Holy Prophet PBUH' was also part of today's activities. Washal Umer of IMCG (PG) F-7/2 was declared the winner of the quiz competition. English Essay Writing competition was held off the hall. Position holders of English Essay Writing Competition 1st Position- Aira Kashif , 2nd Year A 2nd Position- Sajal Ahmed, 2nd Year J 3rd Position- Asma Riaz ,2nd Year H